EAACON offers various services in the disciplines highlighted above geared and designed to meet our client’s particular needs.



• Brief development on the idea put forward by the client.
• Programming i.e. the stages that will lead to the clients wish being fulfilled.
• Initial investigations e.g. site visits and meeting with the client.
• Site inspections and detailed surveys.
• Preliminary proposals elaborately reflecting the clients requirements.
• Advice on services of other consultants if needed.
• Detailed designs incorporating inputs of other consultants where necessary.
• Statutory approvals from City or Town Councils, District Administration and relevant central government ministries.
• Production of working drawings for the actual implementation of the work.



• Preparation of Tender Documents, Specifications, Bills of Quantities etc.
• Advice on tendering procedures
• Tender evaluation and recommendation of appointment of contractor



• Chairing and conducting site meetings
• Regular site inspections to enforce compliance with the specifications
• Issuance of instructions and variation orders
• Preparation of progress reports
• Issue of interim certificates for the satisfactorily completed works
• Final inspections and issuance of final certificates
• Advice on post-construction maintenance.
• Preparation of maintenance manuals.